Learning to read the Scriptures as one unified story. 

For at least a thousand years the Bible was THE book. For a long time, even with the invention of the printing press, if you had a book in your home, it was the Bible. The story of the Bible was the lens through which people saw their lives. 

Things have shifted dramatically. We have access to a multitude of narratives and ideas, all fighting to be, at least for a day, front and center in our lives. And let's be honest, picking up the Bible can be daunting. It is a library of 66 books, written by 40+ authors over a 1500 year period! There are foreign languages, strange literary forms and ancient customs that all seem to complicate matters. 

While all of the above is true, as the folks at “The Bible Project” put it, “the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus.” And if you can lock onto that, a whole new world opens up, and even the most obscure sections of the Bible begin to make sense.

A story is the best way of talking about how the world actually is.
— NT Wright

the power of story

Just how does the idea of story fit with the Bible?

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It makes sense to begin at "The Beginning" . . . 

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Will the humans trust God’s wisdom, or will they seize autonomy . . .  

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Where will God start His re-creation project?  

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The upside down wisdom of God

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the church

Our place in the story!

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return of the king

The re-creation project is complete!

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