Welcome to The Drama of Scripture, a course designed to help you take your first steps into the world of Biblical Studies.

My name is Ron Lewis, and you can just call me “Ron.” I’m a pastor, fancy myself a bit of an artist, grandfather, father, son, husband and “Kingdom strategist” living in Alabama. (I’ll explain “kingdom strategist during the class) Over the last 35 years I’ve had the privilege of sharing the Biblical story in places as varied as India, the Philippines, Kenya and Papua New Guinea. (Yeh, you’ll hear stories from those places during the class!) In 2011, after a 22 year ministry in Houston, my wife Pam and I moved to the small community of Lanett, Alabama to begin a new chapter in our lives. I’m the Senior Pastor of Spring Road Christian Church (just a mile up the street) where I teach regularly on Sunday mornings as well as Tuesday evenings at "Feast", a college ministry to Point, which happens to be my alma mater.

The purpose of this course is to learn the storyline of the whole Bible, and to become familiar with what are called the six acts of Scripture. Here they are: 


Act One: Creation

Act Two: rebellion

Act Three: Israel

Act Four: Jesus

Act Five: the Church

Act Six:return of the king 


The Bible can be daunting. There are strange things which happen. The Bible has stories of good people who seem to get the worst of it and evil folks who seem to make it through life unpunished. And let's be honest, a few pages are full of events that seem unbelievable. But there is a thread which holds each page and paragraph together. Our goal in this course is to discover that thread and see where it might lead. 

Finally, I want to echo the words of my friend Derek Sweatman; this is a class for a grade, but more importantly it is a journey through God’s story together. My goal is to not simply pour information into your skulls, but to pour a little of God’s grace into your souls. I want you to leave this class knowing a little more about the Bible, but mostly, I want you leaving with a desire to know God more fully. If that can happen, we will all look back at Fall semester 2018 with a smile!


Ron Lewis

Ordinary Time, 2018